Head of HR, West Yorkshire

I have just got off the phone with a great Head of HR seeking her next career opportunity in HR. We’ll be meeting for a coffee over the coming weeks. The next step in the process will be for her to create a HumanDNA™ profile.

I noticed something she said a few times. She used the word ‘love’ throughout the conversation. Not flippantly but in the sense that she is passionate about the work she does, the value she adds to her employers and how she benefits the business and the people she serves day to day.

It reinforced why I chose HR as my specialism within our multidisciplinary agency. What gets me out of bed every morning, is knowing that I am helping HR professionals to find opportunities to work in roles that get them jumping out of bed every morning; adding value to businesses and supporting them to operate effectively and efficiently.

This passion for her work means our client has had some great successes for her previous employers. Including;

  • Saving over £500k by managing a successful cost down project; including efficiency increases, supplier negotiations and resource planning.
  • Developing an internal employee engagement process saving the company over £50k
  • Successfully introducing a talent and succession programme that reduced resource gaps across the business and increased promotions by 40%;
  • Annualised payroll saving of £6.2m through workforce efficiencies and introduction of flexible working;

Having completed her final project with her long-term employer this individual is now seeking her next challenge. She is interested in hearing about roles in the North of England and would welcome the opportunity to learn about Head of HR or HR Director opportunities in a progressive, fast paced organisation of around 2500+ employees.

If you would like to hear more about this individual or you’d like support seeking your next HR role, please get in touch today on 01709 717212 or click here to book a call with me.

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