HR Director, Yorkshire & the North

When I contact HR professionals, there are 3 reasons I want to connect:

  1. I want to understand them as an individual. Would we work well together? What kind of relationships are they looking to build? What are their objectives and challenges? Are they a client or a candidate?
  2. I want to understand their career path. How they got where they did? Why they took the route they did and where are they heading.
  3. I want to understand their current role. What challenges they have. What’s worked, what hasn’t and how can we add value.

I have been speaking with one candidate for over a year now. We first connected on LinkedIn. We had a short 15-minute call, and both established we could work together. At the time this, very ambitious individual, wasn’t looking for an opportunity. Instead she was keen to make her mark with her current employer, bridge a couple of skills gaps and then move forward in her career plan. I love working with ambitious, motivated HR professionals!

In the time we’ve been speaking, this person has:

  • Reduced the average cost per hire by £3000 saving the company £39000 this year alone.
  • Increased employee engagement by 81% across the business, by implementing employee forums, management meetings, increased communication.
  • Decreased employee turnover by 60%
  • Spearheaded talent development and succession planning across several geographies to meet the demands of the businesses 20% growth year on year.

This candidate has a proven ability to adapt to business environments of developed markets (UK, Switzerland, USA), as well as emerging markets (China, Romania).  This candidate is now ready for her next career move and is seeking an HR Director level opportunity in the North of England.

If you would like to learn more about this individual or view their interactive HumanDNA™ profile, please get in touch today.

If you’re an HR professional who would like to connect, please either connect with me on LinkedIn or book directly into my diary, at a time to suit you here.

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