Contingency Recruitment is dead – why working in partnership is best

Recruitment is one of those curious areas that on paper, should be easy to outsource.  You have a clear brief (your role and job spec), you can define your target audience (skills and salary) and it’s a pretty process-driven task.  And of course, there are literally hundreds of recruitment agencies ready to take your commission and deliver you a raft of CVs ready for you to interview.

But it’s not really that simple is it?

The problem with some agencies is that everyone is fishing from the same pond; a problem compounded the more specialist and niche the requirements.  Mass-market recruiters have it much easier now that social media has come along – a few clicks of their laptop and thanks to LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram they know pretty much everything they could want to about the candidates they’re going to suggest to you.  And let’s be honest, the chances are it’s the same candidate that six other agencies are also looking at too.  All for you.  Because they’re chasing the chance to get paid.

Because it’s mass-market recruitment, it becomes a numbers game.  The more CVs that they can get in front of you, the more likely you’ll select some for interview.  And hopefully offer someone a job.  So perhaps corners get cut during the screening process.  Perhaps the calibre of candidates isn’t quite what you’d asked for or the experience in line with what you know will be required in the role.

But you haven’t paid anything yet, is the low risk worth the effort?  It could be, but it’s also inefficient, cumbersome and potentially damaging your brand.

The Human Approach

There’s another way.  A more human way.  It’s not new; in fact, it bases itself in one of the most basic human interactions.  Build a relationship with a recruitment partner.

It’s what we do at Human because we believe it’s the most effective way to bring the best talent into your business.  A partnership approach means we get to know you beyond the brief you give us.  We get to know your purpose, culture and values so that we know the candidates we propose will fit in.  We learn about your key people and management style so that the talent we place will flourish in your environment.  And most of all, we’re honest in the way we communicate and interact with you. We won’t promise you the earth but what we do promise you, we will deliver on.

Because of this you can have complete trust in the quality and calibre of candidates we put forward to you.  We undertake extensive screening and then make sure we invest in getting to know our bank of candidates as if we employed them ourselves.

We learn what’s behind the CV and make sure they’re a perfect match so that you don’t have to waste your time doing the job you’re paying us to do.

Thanks to Human DNA™, our multi-level assessment and recruitment platform that we have invested in, you can now be even more confident in the candidates we put forward.  This evidence-based approach to recruitment offers almost 100% retention, directly reducing your cost to hire and management downtime but most importantly, helping identify the gold stars that are going to be the future of your business.

Of course, the choice is yours but we hope you’ll agree that a more human, collaborative and partnership-focused approach to finding and recruiting the best talent is still the best way forward.

To see how Human DNA could revolutionise your recruitment process, get in touch for a free demonstration by calling 01709 717212 or contact us here.

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