Quick wins: Short term gain, long term headache.

This week I joined a BNI networking group in Sheffield. They are such a great team and I am grateful to be accepted into their fold. As I stood and talked with my new associates many of them told me they had invited recruiters to their meetings before, many of which came as visitors, few who officially joined and committed to the 6.45am start every Thursday and even less who saw it past 6 months.

I asked why and was told that many recruiters had offered the feedback that they, “weren’t getting anything out of it”. This started a discussion about networking being far more of a farming process than a hunting expedition. It got me thinking about the quick win mentality that prevails, not only in my industry but across the board.

I can’t help thinking that if many working within the banking sector were less about the quick wins (bonuses) and more about sustainability, a lot of the issues we and the rest of the world are dealing with could have been avoided or at least the consequences would have been less far reaching.

Applied to recruitment, this applies to both candidates and clients. Could I submit a well prepared, but poorly matched candidate to interview? Yes. Would that mean that a client might offer an otherwise unsuitable candidate? Possibly. Would I gain financially? Yes. But, once that client has wasted time employing my unsuitable candidates and negatively impacted their team, will they call me with their next vacancy? No. Once, I’ve wasted the candidates time and negatively impacted their career, will the candidate recommend me to friends and colleagues? No. It really is a ‘no brainer’. If we all started valuing sustainable partnerships over quick wins sooner rather than later not only would my industry change, but yours too. However…I’m not holding out any hope for the Banking Sector just yet!

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