Recruitment Process Audit

Could your Recruitment Process be more effective?

You work hard to develop your teams, you sell great products and/or services and this means your customers keep coming back. But that also means you need great people and lots of them. But how do you find them, engage with them and make sure they don’t drop out between offer and start date?

You can keep doing what you’ve always done – which I’m guessing, on the whole works for you. But is not perfect. Perhaps it’s too slow, too expensive or maybe you keep getting leavers in the same department. Maybe you have people accept an offer only to disappear before joining you.

Where should you start?

A Human Recruitment Process Audit gives you the opportunity to understand what’s working and what’s not. We’ll work with you to understand what has worked well, where things could be improved and what new systems and processes you could put in place to get even better results for your teams.

The process should take around an hour but at the end you’ll receive a Recruitment Process Report along with our recommendations for ensuring your Talent Pipeline is as strong as your Sales Pipeline. You’ll also see how our evidence based search and selection method makes us so confident in finding the right match that we offer up to a 12 month guarantee.

If you’d like to book a Recruitment Process Audit, please get in touch on 01709 717212 or email us at