When clients become candidates

The reason I chose HR as my recruitment niche was simple. I love having conversations with clients and candidates about the impact they make on the businesses they work within. I also enjoy when candidates become clients and vice versa.  It’s great to uncover the whole story, not just the piece of the picture we see when working with you as a Recruitment partner. When we’re working with our clients we do take the time to get know you but it’s often not appropriate to instigate what could be construed as an interview when what you need from us is to source and engage talent for your role. So it’s often not until we work with them as a candidate that we uncover the whole story of their careers.


I have been working with one particular client for over 6 years now. When they decided it was time for a change I was really pleased they chose to have a conversation with me. I’m now supporting them to source suitable opportunities across Yorkshire. 


I’d always worked really well with this person who works as an HR Director in a large SME. The team they lead had always given positive feedback about them, they were great to work with and I knew they’d achieved some great results for their business. I knew some of their background but I’m always intrigued to learn more about the career paths of the clients I work with when the time comes for them to move on. 


With this particular HR Director I uncovered an interesting story about her time serving in the armed forces. As a supplier, I had no idea they’d served for so long in the military when they first got started in HR –  and the challenges they overcame in their early career. 


Since then they’ve gone on to develop Talent Agenda’s, been responsible for entire people strategies of a business with an 8 figure income and contributed 6 figure savings to its bottom line. 


This person is a strong and diplomatic HR leader with a focus on people and talent development. If you or your team are looking to add a strategic HR professional to your leadership team, we’d love to share more about their background and achievements.


Hope to hear from you soon.

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