Are You Using Case Studies To Attract The Best Talent In Your Industry?

It’s a startling truth that when it comes to recruitment 2017 is a ‘candidate centric’ market.

It’s a scenario that many industries experience and boils down to the classic premise of, supply and demand.

shutterstock_332313500In today’s employment market, there is a shortage of skills and attracting the best talent to your organisation isn’t as easy as it once was.

Though using a specific search consultancy will make life a lot easier, there are still other areas in your recruitment campaign that, when implemented, will help the overall process.

One strategy that is working incredibly well now is developing your own branding position in the form of case studies.


What is the benefit of having a case study?

In today’s online world, organisations will always be ‘checked out’ by potential candidates through the numerous online channels that are only a mouse click away.

However, a great way to use the process to your advantage is to create case studies about your organisation, who you are, what you do and what it’s like to work with you.

On three occasions, recently, a candidate has come back to me and said yes to an interview because they had reviewed a case study related to the role that they were applying for at the company in question.




Let’s face it human beings like to make the ‘right choice’. Consider your own behaviour?

Who hasn’t looked at Trip Advisor before booking that holiday hotel. Or looked at the reviews on an intended Amazon purchase?
Last week I was buying a dress online and my mouse click on the buy button was helped along by a review by Amanda from Colchester, who was saying all the ‘right’ things about the dress in question.

When we are serious about taking action we always look for more information and validation that we are doing the right thing.

In my own experience as a search consultant the questions candidates want answers to are as follows:

  • What is ABC-inc really like?
  • What type of people work there?
  • What is their place in the market?
  • How would someone like me develop a career at ABC-inc?
  • What are the people like who work there?




The good news is that a case study can answer these all these questions and more.
What if case studies covering these areas could be found on your website or emailed as a PDF? What difference could that make to your employer brand?


Straightforward works best

When it comes to case studies from employees a straightforward question and answer interview style is perfect. If you can create a video -even better.

One of the easiest ways to develop a case study is to look at several questions that reveal the answers that candidates are inquisitive to know.

  • How long had they been looking for a role?
  • Why ABC-inc and not somebody else?
  • What was the interview process like?
  • How is a typical working day structured?
  • What was the induction process like?
  • What are the career opportunities like?
  • Is there a social culture?




These are easy to cover in a case study and in a way, that doesn’t come across as ‘salesey’ either.

With organisations consistently looking for alternative ways to sell their company to new employees, this strategy is an easy win.



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Are You Using Case Studies To Attract The Best Talent In Your Industry?