Apothecary for Magical Beings opens in Rotherham

devious dictionary grimm openinggrimm op

We had a great time yesterday when we called in to see the team at Grimm & Co. They became visible to mortals yesterday as the doors opened yesterday at 1pm accompanied by the children’s of St Bedes Primary School. At 4.30pm the doors were opened again as guest were greeted with a glass of unicorn urine, eye balls cakes and frog spawn cocktails. Visitors were given a guided tour and given the opportunity to buy items from the apothecary for magical beings, from Human Blood Sweat and Tears soap to Word Wands and belly button fluff cleaners!

It was fantastic to see the transformation and the building looks great! Last time we were there supporting their recruitment process it was a shell in need of some love and real imagination. Lead by Deborah Bullivant the team of volunteers have worked their magic to create another world in the heart of Rotherham which should inspire a new generation to pick up their word wands and fire up their imagination!

Congratulations to the team at Grimm. We hope the people of Rotherham will go down there and support this fantastic charity can find them at Grimm & Co, 2 Doncaster Gate, Wellgate, S65 1DJ Rotherham

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