Happy Birthday Human!


Three years ago, I had a laptop, a telephone, a spare bedroom and a vision.

Today we have Human Recruitment: a business I am very proud not to call mine, but ours. Human was born out of necessity and frustration; I began my business journey after taking redundancy from a great role within a fantastic company. I wanted to apply all of my experience and all of my frustrations with my industry to do things in a different way.

Bringing a more Human approach to the recruitment industry hasn’t been straightforward. I have been fortunate in working with numerous individuals which have supported and encouraged me and the business. We are still only a small (but mighty!) team of two – soon to be three – but we work hard, love what we do and do it for the right reasons. My husband and daughter have borne the brunt of my borderline workaholism and supported my rantings about why the recruitment industry  ‘doesn’t have to be like that!’

As a Project Manager who redesigns commercial kitchens, my husband cares little about blind recruiting, interview turnaround time and whether the job board is dead. But he listens, he nods and occasionally questions my rantings and for that I’m grateful.

Caroline, our Plate Spinner Extraordinaire joined the business almost a year ago. Like a bubbly, hardworking life jacket she buoyed me up after two years of hard slog which included giving birth to both my business baby and my daughter. Caroline has been instrumental in helping streamline business processes and she has also worked hard to build new relationships with clients and candidates. If you haven’t yet spoken to Caroline, give her a call, you’re missing out!

Supporting our growing number of clients and candidates is sole the reason we exist. Put simply, without them we don’t have a business. There are a number of clients we have worked with throughout the past three years and we’re proud to still have only instructed one rebate in the past three years. I can’t say I haven’t lost sleep over that but I’m slowly coming to terms with it!

As we celebrate our third anniversary I’d like to thank all of our valued clients and candidates for choosing Human and continuing to provide us with great feedback and for giving us with the opportunity to do what we love.

I can’t wait to see what years four, five and six will bring. I’m sure as the business grows and develops those challenges will change, but the unique approach we have developed at Human remains as true today as it did when I fired up that laptop for the very first time.

Until then, if you need any support in developing your career or building your team; please give us a call, or pop into and say hello. We’d be happy to help… and we also have cake!


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Happy Birthday Human!