“I wish I worked there!”

Recruit human hampers 18th may

At the end of June I finished at my job of 4 years, it was a risky decision to take voluntary redundancy but I fancied a change and wanted to find something closer to home, so off I set on my search for a new position.

A friend of mine told me about Human Recruitment, so I gave them a call, we arranged to meet the following day at Tankersley Manor to go through the registration details.

Amy was lovely, made me feel at ease, we discussed my previous roles and what I was looking for in my new role, being closer to home was clearly of major importance to me, Amy had listened to my needs and said that she had a position at a local company that ticked all the boxes on both sides, it was in Ecclesfield, I had driven past this company every day for 4 years after a 15 mile drive thinking “I wish I worked there!”

I was really excited when Amy called to say they wanted to see me for an interview, it would be the following week. Amy sent me preparation advice and details of the position, she also called me a short while before to wish me luck,   I felt that the interview didn’t go as good as it could have and came out feeling a little deflated.

I spoke to Amy to give her my feedback, a few days later I received a call from Caroline to say that the client would like to invite me back for a second interview, wow, I was over the moon, it would be the following Tuesday at 3pm, this interview went much better than the first one, I felt more nervous but it went well.  I really wanted this job!!

Tuesday came and I received a call from Amy asking if I would be able to go and spend a morning with the client to meet the team and to see if I would happily fit in, I went in on the Thursday morning, the team were all lovely and made me feel really welcome, I spent 3 hours there and came home feeling really positive.

Then on the Friday I got the call from Caroline, they wanted to offer me the job, I accepted without a seconds thought, I start tomorrow, Monday the 17th August, I can’t wait.

Amy and Caroline have been brilliant, they listened to what was important to me and found me a position that is perfect and only 5 minutes away from home, they kept in touch with me throughout the whole process, made me laugh and made my job search enjoyable.

I would like to say a huge thanks to them for everything!!!

Jane 🙂


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