Welcome to Human. Being.

In line with our commitment to transparency I have created ‘Human. Being.’ This blog will allow you to gain a real insight into what we do, how we do it and more importantly WHY we do what we do. Every month I’ll share information on the employment market, what we’ve been up to and any other bits of information you might (hopefully) find of interest. In this first post I wanted to let you know who we are, how we came to exist and more importantly, why.

I have lived and worked in South Yorkshire most of my life, excluding 3 years studying at university in Leeds, a year bouncing around the globe under the guise of a ‘backpacker’ and a year living and working in Japan. Other than that I have been living and working in Sheffield and Rotherham for the remainder of my career. Living away from home has enabled me to really look at South Yorkshire and understand how and why we’re different, what works here, what doesn’t and how best to really get under the skin of business here.

I have been supporting the South Yorkshire marketplace and its recruitment requirements for over 5 years. Until recently I worked for five years as a Senior Consultant for one of the largest recruitment services providers globally. I enjoyed the benefits of working for a large company – the resources, the marketing budget, and the ability to open doors but what I REALLY enjoy about my job is adding value, looking for the long term win and always trying to see the bigger picture which sometimes is forgotten by big corporations who must make every effort to see an immediate return on investment.

The South Yorkshire market is predominantly made up of small to medium size enterprises, which require a stable relationship with one consultant who understands their business, are able to add value, consult and more importantly, who can offer flexibility where it’s required. So, when the opportunity appeared I made the decision to leave my amazing colleagues, nice office, great location and fantastic resources and take the leap into doing it my way.

Why? I want to be able to add value where there is no immediate return on investment. I want to help where others would not. I want to support candidates who might not secure me a fee but who need the support of someone who understands their goals and ambitions. To be able to really look at a company and understand why they exist, where they are going and help them find the people to help take them there. In short, I wanted to experience better and to enable my clients and candidates to experience better.

If you want to learn more about what a Human approach to recruitment could do for your business or career, please contact the team on 01709 717212


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